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Welcome to our world!  We are a family that loves to travel and loves to show you our adventures.  Our journey started when we began to travel to Costa Rica in 2005 and we eventually got married in Costa Rica and started businesses and a family.  That is where Makai came into the picture.  Makai was born in Costa Rica and spent the first 8 years of his life immersed in the Costa Rican Caribbean world.  As we worked on our business and Makai grew we decided to rekindle our love for travel and try our best to show him the world.  


In August of 2019 we decided to really dive in to YouTube and not only teach Makai about the joys of traveling, but also teach him the ins and outs of starting a business and turning our ideas into reality. 

Now, we invite you to explore and experience our world with us through our YouTube channelInstagram and blog.

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