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Makai is a boy who loves exploring his world. So, he would love to share his world with you. Makai, whose name means, 'of the water',  lives in Costa Rica and enjoys surfing, fishing and playing with his friends in the beautiful Caribbean water, right outside his door.  He also plays fútbol (soccer) on the beach and in a team where Makai stands out as a natural athlete. Makai has tons of creative energy. Before Makai could walk, he danced. Before he could talk, he sang. Now, he enjoys studying and mimicking the music and unique dance styles that he sees on YouTube. Learning to create on rhythm instruments and guitar, while joyfully making up words to songs about his world have become a fun pastime. Makai is bilingual, so he sings and speaks in both English and Spanish.


Makai absolutely loves nature. His love for animals is very touching. He is great at caring for his three dogs, and other pets in his spacious Costa Rican yard. He loves caring for the variety of plants in his garden. He seems to be a natural at taking care of and nurturing the growing things around him. His sense of adventure explodes when he runs free at his family's jungle property with the chatter of monkeys cheering him on as he runs with his most adventurous dog, Taco.


Makai and his parents live in beautiful Costa Rica, but they also love exploring other parts of the world. So far, Makai has been to exciting places like Mexico, Italy, Greece, France, and various parts of the United States of America. He loves exploring his world close to home and to distant lands. Now, Makai invites you to explore and experience his world with him through his YouTube channelInstagram and blog.

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