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Apple iPad Pro 2020 - Can this tablet replace your travel laptop?

Traveling is a very liberating experience that has helped our family understand and appreciate the world.

When we decided to document our travel experiences with a family vlog we had to choose which equipment to use to document our adventures. Not only near our home base of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica but also when we would go on bigger adventures around the world.

When traveling we try to go as minimally as possible in order to make the transitions easier. When traveling with kids into unknown areas it is best to minimize any extra distractions or stress. So every time we travel we decide which gear is essential and how we can consolidate gear for the next trip and the new iPad Pro (iPad Pro 4) may be the answer that we are looking for.

We usually travel with our GoPro and it's essential gear, our MacBooks, phones, and a tablet. This is a seemingly simple setup but if there is a way to make it more efficient than we are all about it. So how could the iPad Pro make our travel gear setup even more efficient and still functional?

Awesome Vlogging Setup

We have used our GoPro as an all-in-one vlogging camera in the past, but with the iPad Pro's upgraded cameras (including the the LiDAR Scanner, 4K video, and True Depth front facing camera) we can save the GoPro for the action shots and use the iPad for everything else. Apple has also upgraded the microphones to what they call "studio grade" microphones. And if you combine that with the possibility of doing all of the editing directly on the iPad, we could work on editing while traveling without having to bring along the MacBook Pro.


Some sort of tablet is a must when flying and traveling with kids and since the iPad is the king of tablets, there leaves little need to bring another unless sharing is not an option. Apple's wide array of powerful apps make it possible to do almost anything that you could do on a laptop and with the addition of the Magic Keyboard, blogging and vlogging can be done on the same device. Artists of all types can travel and not miss a beat with their creativity.

So as we make plans for our future travel gear, we will definitely make the iPad Pro the center of our travel gear universe.

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Pura Vida & Peace

iPad Pro Specs

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