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Coming BACK to America - Discussing Racism and Prejudice With Our Biracial Son

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

On our recent YouTube video we discussed the racism in America that is occurring at this moment with Makai, talking about race with younger children is never easy. We know how important it is to talk about white privilege, and what situations that can occur being raised as a biracial kid. Discussing about the different culture in Costa Rica and growing up and being engulfed in nature. Compared to the fast paced moving society in the United States.We talked about how people sometimes get carried away with their power and use it for bad use instead of positively. It is never easy explaining racism to any child, but it is an uncomfortable conversation that needs to happen. Being Costa Rican with a white mother and black father can be easily misunderstood in the American culture because of some people‘s opinions, but we teach Makai to embrace and be proud of this. He is special and he has his own voice and story to be heard. We strive to have him use it to stand up for others, encourage and uplift others not tear down. It is important in parenting to instill the right morals into your child to create a better future generation. Children are not born prejudice or racist, this is something that is taught.

In this video we explained why the protestors were protesting during coronavirus, everybody wants change and for these things to not be swept under the rug. In Costa Rica laws have been passed for racial equality as well as sexual rights and hopefully soon things in the United States will improve. It is not about where we are at but the progress that has and is being made. We touched bases on the peaceful ways of protesting without stealing or damaging any property. They are good and bad ways about going to do things, just like there is good and bad people. We want to instill to be the good person always supporting and helping others nobody what race, religion or sexual preference 😊!

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