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Explore the Top Surf Hostel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Tasty Dayz Hostel

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Puerto Viejo is a small town on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica but it has become a tourist destination known around the world. Over the past decade, Puerto Viejo has changed from a sleepy fisherman town to a bustling district for every kind of traveler. And even though the surf is not as consistent as many spots on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, for most of the year there is still good surf. Although there are a few surf breaks for every level of surfer, the most popular beach for most people is Playa Cocles located south of the center of Puerto Viejo.

So if you are a surfer or you just want to be close to the main beach, what are your options for a place to stay? There are a few hotels, cabinas, and Airbnb’s in the Cocles area, but there are only a couple of hostels that are only a few steps from Beach Break (Cocles). Our favorite is Tasty Dayz Hostel which is attached to Tasty Waves Cantina and only a few steps from Playa Cocles.

Tasty Dayz Hostel is the newest addition to the Tasty Waves brand which was started by a couple of friends from the States in 2010. Although only one owner remains, the spirit and energy of Tasty Waves is a collaboration of the original owners. The owner of both Tasty Waves and Tasty Dayz has worked hard over the years to build a place where both locals and tourists can come and relax and enjoy some good food and now a super chill hostel to get some rest between surf sessions.

If your journey brings you to Puerto Viejo, grab your surfboard and book a room at Tasty Dayz Hostel if you want to “Live the Dream” and be close to the most popular beach in the Puerto Viejo area.

Pura Vida & Peace

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