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Exploring Crete, Greece

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

During the spring of 2018 we got the opportunity to visit Europe for our first time! It was a long journey starting from our home in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica with a five-hour drive to San José to catch our flight. We flew from San José to Newark, New Jersey (another five hours) and met up with Makai's grandparents to get ready for the big flight from Newark to Athens, Greece in order to finally get a chance to explore Crete.

Hiking the trail down to Balos Bay

After an awesome flight on Emirates Airlines (another ten hours) we landed in Athens where we stayed the night, before getting back on a plane to head to the island of Crete, where we stayed a few days to explore.

While in Greece we visited some beautiful and fun place like Balos Bay and Elafonisi and enjoyed amazing food. Super rico! The days were packed full of adventure and during the nights our bellies were full of delicious food - especially the calamari.

Let us know your experiences of Crete in the comments below.

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