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Family Mount Dog Ring Light Review

You will not want to miss this week's vlog with Makai and I are unboxing the Mount Dog ring light. You can see Makai's excitement as well as mine for our brand new 14 inch mount light review. It comes with three awesome colors! The set up for the ring light is self explanatory, just might need a little extra strength when flipping the legs down. This light bends and moves around easily and also is lightweight nothing to heavy or difficult putting together. We show the multiple buttons on the remote and what they do as well, where you can control the brightness of the light as well as the color. You can record and take pictures with the remote by synching your bluetooth to the light. This comes with an manual on how to operate the remote starter. It also comes with a phone mount so you can set up your device on the ring light, the phone mount can bend and twist. It comes with an adapter to plug the light in. The light has three levels where you can raise the stand. With this kit you also have a bag to package the light in when travelling We are very excited to use our newer ring light we have purchased from Amazon for only $65 including tax. Stay tuned and updated with our Youtube post notifications so you can know when we drop our new vlog comparing our older ring light!

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