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May the Best Ring Light Win!

As promised we have uploaded our video on the comparisons of the Mount Dog Light and the Neewer ring light! Both of these ring lights have great features and excellent uses, they just have a few differences. The Mount Dog ring light stand is a little bit lighter than the Neewer stand, but the Neewer stand is sturdier. They both have similar set ups about when putting the lights together. The Neewer light is taller than the Mount Dog light. The Neewer stand comes with a soft tube that flexes from side to side and all around. With the Mount Dog you have to twist the light on the stand, the Neewer light actually has a knob in which you can twist the light to be tightened. The Neewer light did come with a shoe mount twist with which you can attach whatever device you are filming with onto the light. While the mount dog came with a phone adapter that is bendable and very easy to move around, this light is better for using phones, rather than Go Pros, or other cameras. The Mount Dog has more tints of light to work with, while the Neewer only has the option to use the diffusers switching them out manually while the Mount Dog is controlled by a remote. The Neewer does have a brighter light than the Mount Dog. The adapter for the Neewer is slightly bulkier and much longer than the Mount Dog and is just a little bit more expensive. Links for these items will be listed below on the Youtube description. Until next time!

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