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Selling Your Car in Costa Rica The Easy Way

About Two years ago we bought a 2011 Kia Sportage from a dealer in San Jose, Costa Rica and the process of finding our car was not easy nor cheap. Anyone who knows Costa Rica knows how expensive things are and it would be really awesome if Costa Rica would really work on this because it is pricing themselves out of the global market… But that is a whole other conversation for a different blog.

When we were looking for a car to buy we spent weeks researching online sites and ended up spending a few days in San Jose driving around and eventually finding a car that met our criteria but we also ended up spending a lot of time, money, and energy in the process. It was a very stressful process that could have been a lot easier if we had known about the company that helped us sell our car a couple of years later.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago...

So when it was time to sell our car we only had about 3 weeks to figure it out and we were not looking forward to the process at all.

After putting the word out to friends that we were selling our car, starting to make posts on the national car selling sites, and looking into shipping the car to the US, I came across the landing page for Crexit Car Selling Service... and this changed the WHOLE process.

I filled out the form from their webpage and they emailed me back within a day and said that they could help us sell our car.

We were a bit hesitant because in our experiences, there have not been very many easy processes in Costa Rica and we would be traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic and had almost no wiggle room for our

travel since there was only one or 2 flights leaving Costa Rica each week and no flights returning to Costa Rica for the foreseeable future. So if it didn’t work out… we were screwed.

So let’s cut to the chase… Nicole and Makai were set to fly out on Friday at noon for a repatriation flight to the U.S. and Costa Rica had shut down it's borders for re-entry until further notice and the title was in Nicole's name so we only had 24 hours and one shot to get this right. But the people from Crexit were sure that we could get it done so we coordinated with Russ from Crexit (https://wheelscr.com/) to meet us the day before the flight and get the car sold or put on consignment.

After packing all of the essentials for their new journey into our car, we woke up and drove to San Jose at the crack of dawn. We arrived in San Jose and met Russ as soon as we got over the mountain at around 11 am. He even let us put our luggage in his vehicle while we drove around San Jose to show the car to the dealerships.

He already had a route of dealerships that they had good relationships with and we went to each one and he spoke with the dealers about our car and then the dealers would make their offers.

Now keep in mind that we were trying to sell a car within a day during the coronavirus pandemic and global economic shutdown so the dealers were not in even close to a normal scenario. They were not expecting very much movement for at least 4 months so they were very limited in what they could offer but every single dealer (except for one kinda slimy one) was very nice and offered consignment at between 5-7% commission, or a cash amount (which they all said would be higher if the world had not essentially ended), or both.

So we started this journey around noon and finished at the last dealership around 4 pm on a rainy San Jose evening. We discussed all of the different deals and made a decision to sell the vehicle for cash since we did not know how far down the economy of Costa Rica would go and we did not want a car sitting on consignment forever and having another thing to deal with if something went wrong.

So Russ set up everything with the dealer that we decided to sell the car to and made a time in the morning to make the sale which would gave us time to get Nicole and Makai and Taco (our support dog) to the airport and off to the next chapter.

Crexit made a potentially extremely difficult process very easy and they charged us a flat fee of under $400 at this time (which will probably go up as demand returns) but was well worth the headache and time that we would have spent navigating this process on our own.

So if you are trying to buy or sell a car in Costa Rica we suggest going to wheelscr.com and reaching out to them to help you get things done with a lot less headache.

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See you soon!

Pura Vida & Peace!

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