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The Heart of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Lazy Loft Hostel

Puerto Viejo de Limón is a small town located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Even though this area of Costa Rica is not as developed as many of the areas on the Pacific coast, do not be fooled into thinking that it is a sleepy town anymore. Over the past decade, Puerto Viejo has become a destination for people from all over the world. The town offers every level of accommodation from the $10 dorm bed to the $500 per night luxury villa.

The center of town has become an area filled with many boutique restaurants, local sodas, hotels, and hostels. There are many more options than ever before. There is a special beachfront hostel that overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is situated in a very unique location. Lazy Loft is a hostel that is one of the last reminders of the epic Lazy Mon Bar and Restaurant which was located below the Lazy Loft for the whole existence. Lazy Mon closed its doors in 2019 and became Stanford’s again and now Lazy Loft is situated above one of the original tourist locations on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Lazy Loft is a hip place for the young travelers that are not afraid to have a good time and don’t need peace and quiet. Some people love to be in the middle of the action and those kinds of travelers fall in love with Lazy Loft. Spending the days on the beach downstairs and dancing the night away to the bumping sounds of Stanford’s makes Lazy Loft a unique destination for travelers who want to really experience the true Caribbean town scene.

Puerto Viejo is a must stop for adventurous travelers. The town has something for almost every type of traveler. If you are the life of the party and want a place that reflects your adventurous party attitude, then Lazy Loft Hostel above Stanford’s is worth checking out.

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